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The First Northern Virginia Based Social Distancing Home Buyer Program

In a world of limiting your family's time outside of the home, shopping for a new home can be tough...  Luckily, the Valor Group has founded the first ever Northern Virginia based Social Distancing Home Buying Program where we deliver the home tour experience to you, without you ever having to leave the comfort of your living room.  Choose between a live video streaming option (as wireless signal allows) or, for better detail in the picture, there is a High-Definition recorded video option as well.  For our own inventory, we can provide 3D renderings of each property that clients can tour just as if they were in the home.

We are so excited to roll out the program, we are giving away up to a $5,000* rebate for a limited number of new home buyer clients that use the program and write us a review for it!  If this program is of interest to you, text "Rebate" to 571-393-1082 and we can answer any questions you may have or get to work right away!

Alternatively, you can let us know the best to reach you below:

Claim Your $5,000* Rebate Now

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About the Valor Group

The Valor Group is among the most trusted and influential leaders in Northern Virginia real estate by consistently exceeding our clients’ highest expectations.

We are a group of former military, law enforcement officers, fire fighters and their allies dedicated to bringing the same unwavering commitment, dedication and our never-quit attitude to our clients and our teammates as we had to our brothers and sisters on the front lines. 

Our team culture is best summed up by our core values: Service, Integrity, Honor and Excellence. We execute at the highest levels while remaining humble, reliable, positive and gracious. We are honest above all else by doing the right thing, in the right way and for the right reason. We believe we must earn the trust of our clients and respect of our loved ones each day anew. And we strive to be ever-improving versions of ourselves each day, both personally and professionally.

Let us serve you with this innovative new program that gives your family the unfair advantage. Text "Rebate" to 571-393-1082 or let us know the best to reach you below:

Claim Your $5,000* Rebate Now

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* Rebate shall be the lessor of $5,000 or 1% of the sale price of the home (1% of the base price for new construction homes), and shall not exceed 50% of the total commission offered to the Broker.  Rebate offer valid only for new clients with home sale contracts offered on or before May 31, 2020.  Buyer should seek professional tax advice prior to accepting any Broker rebates, obtain lender approval and Broker will not disburse funds not included on the CD/HUD1; funds not approved revert to commission paid to Broker. Executed Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer Agreement form required prior to providing any real estate advice, recommendation or property showing. Executed Broker Commission Rebate Form required for all rebates to be valid.  This program is offered exclusively by the agents of the Valor Group and not Pearson Smith Realty as a whole.