Watching Your Weight Is Not Good Enough

For those who do not know me, I have really been focusing a lot on health and wellness for the last year or two or so. And so, I took note that during the last Thanksgiving week I let myself cut loose a bit. I ate so much for about a week. It took me a week after Thanksgiving to get back to my pre-Thanksgiving weight. I thought to myself as I was driving, oftentimes, we have bad habits for a long, long, long time. In my case, prior to losing 150 pounds, I was not exactly the picture of fitness and health for about five years. 

2018 to 2022 change

When we spend a year, two years, five years or even 10 years eating unhealthy and not taking care of ourselves, we often get frustrated when the results are not overnight when you have been working really hard. I mean, let us just call it what it is: you are dedicated day in, day out, and every meal from the time you get up to the time you go to bed, you are not taking care of yourself … you need to put in an equal and opposite effort in the other direction. That may mean equal in time as well.

Just give yourself a break and, certainly, cut loose during the holidays. Have fun and let yourself have a little bit of freedom. Just remember that you are going to have to have equal and opposite amounts of fortitude, if you will, in the other direction in order to turn it back around. Do not think it is going to happen overnight. Make those decisions around the holidays about what you are eating and how you are taking care of yourself with the knowledge of what you are doing. Be intentional surrounding what you are doing. And that goes not just with health but in business, and all aspects of life. 


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