Waging War Against CFL Light Bulbs

I have a pro tip for you to level up your home showing. We all have those things that we just cannot stand... Well, one of mine as a listing agent here in Northern Virginia real estate are those little CFL (Compact fluorescent light) light bulbs.. Those little curly-cue things. I cannot stand them. I literally hate them! And here is why. 

light bulb

The problem with CFL light bulbs, while they are energy efficient or at least more so than their incandescent brethren, is that they take forever to warm up. So, you flip them on and they are super dim. Here is how that pans out… 

light switch

When a buyer walks in the house, they flip on the lights. And so, the very first opinion of the house is that it is dim and dark. When a room is dark, it feels smaller. So, you end up not getting the best first impression. 

light in dark room

If you are getting ready to sell your house, do me or whichever real estate agent you choose, a big favor and get rid of those little curlicue light bulbs and put in LEDs (light-emitting diodes). Use soft white or soft white hue. Not daylight. The buyers will be much more appreciative and receptive to your listing. 

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