Three Toxic Words

There are three words that are toxic that you should be removing from your real estate sales business immediately. These are super toxic, because they are the first words that come from somebody who has no value to offer clients when they are reaching back out!

Those three words are “just checking in.” Stop saying those words!

I suggest that every week go to Inman, or anywhere else for that matter ... find an article that is something of value that you can be sharing with the clients that you are following up with, and then for that week, that is your item of value.

So it sounds something like this “Hey Alex! I just found this article the other day. I was reading it and it really made me think of you and your situation, with your home buying journey, and so I wanted to share it with you. The points that I found most interesting were A, B, and C. I'm curious, what are your thoughts?” Start the conversation, but come from a place of value, because that is the most important thing. 

“Just checking in” means “Hey, checking to see when are you giving me money?” It sounds very salesy, there is no value there: it is just empty. It is like eating junk food when you are on a healthy diet! It is absolutely not something that is worthwhile. Eliminate “just checking in”.

Instead, lead with something of value. These are very easy to find and you can be sure, if you are the person that is providing the value, you are the person that they are going to want to work with. This works across the board! 

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