Simple 30 Second Agent Life Hack

This week I've got a life hack that takes you 30 seconds or less but is going to give you 12 contacts per year with past clients.

This is what it is... When you started working with a buyer client, if you’re like most real estate agents in 2023, you’re probably using an automated property alert of some sort, either through your CRM or MLS. Normally, you use them to email buyers properties as they hit the market. 

When they go under contract though, don't delete that search. Instead, you're going to:

  1. Pause it until the home settles 
  2. Then, after settlement, you're going to change the frequency of the alert. So most of us send those alerts out to our clients daily or even immediately when a new property hits the market. You're going to change that frequency to monthly. 
  3. And then you're going to include, not just the Actively listed homes, but also the under contract / pending sales, as well as the recently sold homes for the same area. 

You've already got the type of home that they're looking for set up, and now you’re just converting it to a market update for homes that are just like the one that they bought. After all … the search is already set up for them, you only need to modify it! 

The best part: you don't need any extra software, it doesn't cost you any extra money than what you're already spending and now you've got 12 more contacts with your clients every single year on repeat. And these are quality contacts because it’s information they want: market info about homes similar to their own!

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