Is Your Database Dead?

Is your database “dead”? 

Whether you realize it or not, this is a GOOD thing. Have you ever heard that old saying, “you either win or you learn”? When I say that this is a good thing, what I mean is that you’ve learned. 

A dead database (meaning the contacts in your CRM aren’t responding to you) simply means you have some work to do to “warm” your contacts up to you so that you can continue to prosper from the list you’re building. 

So many agents get caught up in just buying more leads and they forget the purpose of buying leads in the first place. 

To own media. 

Media or Data (names, emails, phone numbers, etc.) is more valuable than anything in your business. This is why Zillow continues to buy companies that have it for billions of dollars. 

Good marketers can do more with 100 contacts than bad ones can do with 10,000 contacts. If you start to engage your database with efforts to start conversations and you realize that you’re not getting much response here are a few simple things to do:

  • Send a valuable email with no call-to-action about your community
  • Send a valuable email with no call-to-action with an educational tip about buying or selling a home
  • Send a text message to the contacts that have no call-to-action that’s personal and helps you start a relationship
  • Create video content around a local business or a location in your community that is important to your contacts

There are so many things you can do in a pretty short period of time to heat this list of contacts back up to the idea of building a relationship with you. And you don't have to spend another penny on leads you're struggling to convert right now. 

Drop the “transactional” mindset that is holding you back. 

Transactions in this economy are a byproduct of value. It’s that simple. Add value to other people in a way that is important to them (HINT: it will rarely be about real estate) and your business production will increase. 

Just last week a large team in the DMV area sent a value-based email to a specific part of their database and got three appointments booked. The content was historical information about a part of the community. 

Go deep into your database and engage people in ways they want to hear about and you’ll wake that database up in a big way.

Thanks to Grant Wise at Witly for the on-point reminder!

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