A secret unlisted stash of homes for sale? (Hint: It's real!)

What if there was a way when you were searching for a home here in Northern Virginia that you did not have to compete? You were given an unfair advantage against everybody else in the market... 

I am talking about being able to find homeowners that are willing to sell you their home, but have not made that public yet. They are not listed "Coming Soon."  They have not listed in the MLS (Multiple Listing Services). They are not necessarily engaged with another Realtor yet. 

I'm talking about intercepting the homeowners before they have actually started the listing and selling process. 

Using proprietery technology, we use consumer data to correctly identify homeowners who plan on selling their home in the coming 12 months, but they have not done it yet. This method has proven to be about 70% accurate!

This is all part of a Priority Access Program that we run. Here's how it works:

  • We find out exactly what type of home you are looking for.
  • We nail down the city or neighborhood in which you want to buy a home.
  • Then we cross-reference those homeowners with consumer data!  Maybe they are buying moving boxes, buying paint, renting a storage unit to declutter ... all the things that make it clear they're likely selling their home in the near future.

What if you could have access to all of those potential home sellers, you did not have to compete anymore, and you got out of the rat race of the home buying / short inventory problems right now?

If you had that ability, how would that change your home search in today's market?

Well, we have a very limited number of spots available for this Priority Access Program, and I would love to offer you the opportunity to take one of them. I believe, as I write this, we have four or five spots left.

Why limited availability? This is a time intensive process for us. We are literally handwriting letters, knocking doors, etc., to engage these homeowners, explaining the situation and how we can help.

We make this a big benefit to the homeowner as well, because, in this instance, many times they do not have to pay two realistic agents. They only have to pay one and they do not have the headache of having to show the home to 27 different families in a single weekend. They do not have open houses. They get to bypass a lot of their pain points ... and just sell directly to our clients! 

If this is something that is of interest to you, please reach out. We have got about four or five of these spots left to help you find a home before it goes on market, and you have to compete against dozens of other buyers. So please reach out today. Email [email protected], or contact us directly here. Put us to work for you. It works!

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