4-Step Equation that Drives Sales

If you are not hitting your goals this year for sales, I am going to share with you a formula that can diagnose exactly what the problem is. The formula for sales in real estate (and probably for most sales industries) honestly is pretty simple. It goes something like this. There are really four parts to it:

  1. Personal action

  2. Contacts

  3. Appointments

  4. Deals

The personal action that we put in generates contacts. Contacts bring appointments. Appointments bring deals. That is it!

If you are falling short, then reverse engineer it. If you do not have enough deals, it is because you are not getting enough appointments with prospective clients. If you are not getting enough appointments, it is because you are not getting enough contacts. If you are not getting enough contacts, well, you are just not putting enough personal energy into doing it.

I was working with a member of our team and she was saying that she has plenty of contacts but is not getting enough appointments. What I explained is there comes a point in the conversation where you have to pivot and move to the appointment. There are a lot of ways to do that...

If they are renters, for instance, you can be talking about, “If there was a way to get you in a house instead of having to renew your lease in June, would you be open to it?  Maybe there is not a way .... maybe there is.  But wouldn't it be worth at least finding out?“

That is what leads you then into the appointment. And here is the beauty of the appointment: even if the person that you are talking to is not going to be a buyer themselves, or not going to be a seller themselves, if you sit down with them and show them your process and what it is that separates you from everybody else out there, you have now created a believer! And even if they are not going to be moving forward personally, they would love to be the source of a gold nugget for somebody else. When you show them that you are literally among the best of the best in the industry, even if they cannot work with you, they are excited to refer you because you have shown them the value that you can bring. People believe what they see, not what they're told, and you just created a believer!

Again, the 4-step formula that drives sales starts with personal action, whatever that looks like: door knocking, cold calling or open houses, to name a few. The personal action we take is what drives contacts. Contacts drive appointments and appointments drive deals. You can find out where your breakdown is in that process and then what you need to change to ultimately get the better results that you are looking for.

I am happy to walk through that proces with you if it would be helpful. My passion is just helping real estate agents improve their business so that they can change the financial bloodline of their families. I offer the help for free. If you want to do a quick call, we can break down where it is that maybe you are struggling with and how you can pivot at any one of those stages to get better results. I am always willing to help out and to help move your business forward!

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